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MAC ID Verification of used modem?

Is there any simple way to verify, on-line, if the MAC ID number of a used Clear modem will authenticate through Clear's system before actually buying it from an individual on eBay or on Craigslist?

I thought that this would have been as simple as contacting Clear's tech support and giving them the number. However, when I tried to do this through their "Online Chat" thing from their webpage, I was treated very rudely and was disconnected by the little twerp with whom I was talking.

Is this typical of Clear's customer support? If that's the case, I'll just stay with Xanadoo.


Kansas City
You can authenticate a Clear device online. SERVICE PLANS>Select your plan>Check Availability>Select Month-to-month>Select device you already own, enter MAC ID of the device you want to buy > Validate.

If the device has been put into service before don't buy it. I was never able to get Clear to start service on an used device.
If the device will Validate then order service online. When I ordered service by phone they entered a lot of information for my account inaccurately, it took several phone calls to get the account right.
I would grade Clear customer service at D-, if you now have an usable internet service keep it.

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Thanks xrayman, I'll try that and let you know how it turns out.

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Not to break in on this thread but can i have 2 modems in 2 different locations use one account at one time? I live in Florida 6 months a year and in Chicago 6 months so having a second modem would make it easier with out packing the modem with me when i travel

using a desk G Series modem


Albany, OR
You can use the modems where ever there is service. They don't have to be associated.


Willingboro, NJ
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I bought an used modem off ebay and Clearwire activated the modem, but they made sure that the previous owner services was cancel before i was able to activate the modem.