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This is a sub-selection from worst technical support ever !!!


Verdun, QC

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reply to Kia

Re: worst technical support ever !!!

said by Kia :

I know my friend that he was so satisfied with ACANAC and he advised me to be with them. I am sure these problems are recently happening but for the ones who were with ACANAC before 2011 they were all satisfied. I read most of the reviews and the things happened to the others exactly happened to me(e.g. hold on for hours to speak with a representative, slow down the internet speed, ........).
Buyers beware!!

This is so incorrect. I mean, if you can't understand the adsl basics like distance from CO, line stats (snr, attenuation, etc.), either have it professionnally installed by a tech that understand these numbers and know what are good modems/routers units, or go with companies that will charge you by the byte, have you pay for all the extra features like static IP, mlppp, etc. You'll end up paying over a year way more than a tech dispatch! Just don't blame it on Acanac: they offer low cost broadband and 99% of the problems people encounter are related to Bell (bad line stats, errors, disconnect, etc.). It is just unfair from people like you to say beware when you probably called them when an outtage occured in some area. If you call up and see 100 people in line before you, it means they're totally aware of the outtage and they're working on it!

Trenton, ON

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Julie thank you. I could not have said it better myself
This is a sub-selection from worst technical support ever !!!