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options in my area?

My family has just bought a house in Wayland, MI (the address is 3385 13th St, Wayland, MI - everyone we called had to do an extensive search to find where we live in order to tell us what kind of internet was available to us). The trouble is, we didn't think about internet options until it was too late. According to every ISP we have called, there is no cable available whatsoever, and the best DSL that AT&T will offer us is 1.5Mbps!

We are Extreme internet users, with 3 computers that are each used at least 6 hours a day by my family, not to mention frequent HD streaming services on our 2 TV's including (but not limited to) Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Youtube. There are also several members of the family which play Multiplayer Video Games, which is why Satellite Internet is not an option (due to the ridiculous amount of latency) not to mention that Satellite internet throttles down the connection speed after a certain amount of useage. 3G is not an option either, because it is capped at 10GB per month, after which each GB costs $10. We use 10GB in less than a week! Our current Internet Speed is the fastest available in our current home (24Mbps) and I just can't see us living with less than 5mbps (bare minimum). Do we have any options, or are we screwed?

Lightning Bolt

Auburn Hills, MI
You are about 13,000 feet from the Telephone CO.

I checked to see what we could do for you, and we don't have DSL in that area, so at&t is probably your only DSL option.

We can do T1, but that doesn't get you above 1.5mbps up and down, and would probably be more then you want to pay on a monthly basis.
Lightning Bolt Technologies