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Mendham, NJ

Can I use an AT&T 4g USB adapter with win xp and ICS?

We just lost our fios in a twisted mess that will take a week to unravel. I need to get my small office running again. I used to have a PCMCIA card in a kyocera Router which I could connect and redirect my 4 office pcs and exchange server to.

Can I put a AT&T 4g USB card on a win xp laptop and turn on ICS to achieve the same result? I just change the gateway and dns on the network router to point at the ICS laptop. Will this work?



Mendham, NJ
Got it to work!!!

Went out today and got a 4g card, put it on Win 7 mac mini and turned on ICS. Added a few ports for Blackberry Enterprise server, put the whole thing in front of my Checkpoint router and shebang, it's running like a charm. Internet on desktop pc's, exchange email (via pop3 connector) and BES to blackberries.

Now I can take a breath and wait for verizon to restring all that damaged fiber out on the street!