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Glen Cove, NY

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TA Knocked Out By Irene

As Irene hit last night, we lost power at 4:23am this morning. Power has been out all day and just came back about 40 minutes ago.

My network came back up and everything seems to be working except my PhonePower TA. When it powered up, only the first power light came on and has been fast-blinking ever since. Meanwhile no phone service. I've tried powering down again and have pressed the reset button. But, so far no luck. Any ideas?

Thank you.

UPDATE: Not quite sure what happened. But, I went to connect the TA directly to my cable modem (I keep it connected behind my router). Anyway, by mistake I connected it to the wrong LAN wire (one that is connected to my desktop which was totally powered down). When i turned on the TA, I got a steady green power light. Then I realized my error, put the wires back in their original position and voila! my phone service is back!

UPDATE 2: Just want to give a thank you to Andy in PhonePower Customer Service. I sent in a service request on the PP website and I got a personal response back in minutes with suggestions. In these days where automated "your call is important to us" responses are the norm, it is nice to deal with a company where live people respond personally and quickly even on a Sunday evening. Thank you Andy!


Kansas City, MO
Glad you got it back up and hope all is OK in NY.

I have been with P P for 3 years now - when we have a major power outage, I reset my whole network and it always comes right back up. My TA is also behind the router.

Have been so pleased, we just installed a 2nd system.