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Hot Springs, NC

[DSL] How do I set up email accounts?

Frontier took over from Verizon in my landline area and I was able to get DSL.

I am supposed to log in and use the ncnetwork.net url, where some screens are labeled verizon, some frontier, where My Account tab > Account Tools takes me to a verizon screen with email disabled, where Email and More tab has a button to check email but no where I can find to create all these accounts my plan supposedly offered.

The mess that is frontier online on the ncnetwork.net, some verizon-frontier mish-mash, is rather absurd. Is this web-area only to be used for billing, which does work, with another online url for managing frontier email accounts?

Thanks for any help...


Robbinsville, NC

Try Frontier chat support. If not My settings are incoming pop3.frontier.com and outgoing smtp.frontier.com.

You should have gotten some documentation about email from Frontier.


Hot Springs, NC

Appreciate the help. I did use chat. Turns out the registration process was never run. Did that, said it worked. But attempts to set up sub-account for email failed , and the main account set up and password does not get accepted by pop3.frontier.com

Guess I did not really need these email accounts anyway. I still seem to have problems between Verizon account info and Frontier account info, and the pages are such a mishmash with both that it's hard to tell what is going on.

As an example of the crap: When my create sub-account failed, the error displayed was: "put your error jsp content here"


Robbinsville, NC

I understand. Play Frontier worker roulette until you find one that can help you.


Beaverton, OR

1 recommendation

reply to mountain_jim

Use gmail, yahoo, hotmail for your email accounts, you won't have to live with being at the whim of the ISP.


reply to mountain_jim

»security.frontier.com/acctedit/login.php try that


Hot Springs, NC

1 edit

The above link accepted the new logon and password established yesterday.
However, when I configure my email client to use that ID and password, and to use the pop and smtp addresses given above, the email server rejects that login.
Is it significant that my email address (as shown on the registration output to my desktop) is @myfrontieremail.com, but I am configuring pop and smtp to frontier.com as directed to above?

I already run my own websites and biz email from my own domain and different ISP, I just want these email addys as a backup and for providing for junk requesters and just because I am paying for them.
Thanks for all help.

edit: I now know where the myfrontieremail comes from, was for migration of verizon folks to keep their email names, but this FAQ does not describe what my pop and smtp should be:


What should my SMTP (outgoing) server be set to?

If your e-mail address ends with:
Your SMTP (outgoing) mail server should be set to: smtp.frontier.com