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Verbum sat sapienti


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[Serious] Homeless help

Hey all. Long story short, I've a homeless girl squatting in a tent on the grounds where I live.

She is known to the local authority's street services and suffers from mental health issues but is, as far as I can tell, otherwise sound. She is not keen on 'hostel' accommodation.

Bottom line is, that this is the landlords problem who will almost certainly start legal proceedings to have her evicted.

Meantime, I'm trying a softer approach to tempt her away to somewhere else. I've approached a contact in the local Salvation Army but wondered if anyone else has any experience in these matters and can offer a direction that might work out for everyone with a carrot, as opposed to a stick - which only shifts the problem from one place to another.

Appreciate any constructive suggestions and advice please?

I Am The Man Who Was Not There.
Reston, VA

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Between Reading and Oxford, are there no women's shelters available? (or is that what you meant by 'hostel'?) I was thinking specifically of something sponsored by a church or charity foundation, rather than a Government center.
Joseph V. Morris

Verbum sat sapienti


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It may well be a case of beggars not being choosers but the idea is to tempt her away into something more suitable to her needs and avoiding the aggravation of time and expense in eviction.

A Hostel is typically a shared accommodation which may or may not involve shared sleeping space. This she is currently rejecting outright.

Shelters are (or my understanding is) short term for a few nights only and then they are moved on. This is again no solution.

My Salvation Army contact is to make enquiries for me and I have also made a tentative enquiry to a church to see if they are able to assist.

The Government part is accommodated by Reading Street Services which - seem to be unable to offer anything thus far although she was off to go see them again this afternoon when we last spoke.

It's a challenge for certain and one might be quick to conclude anything is better than nothing although none of us know her experiences which I'm concluding currently may have not been great thus far hence her resistance.

Verbum sat sapienti


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Well it's been a learning curve for me. Having gone out in several different directions, it seems it all points back to a single agency - Namely a St Mungos
»www.mungos.org/services/where_we ··· /reading
These folks cover London though Reading and to Oxfordshire, Bath & Bristol.
Through circumstance, I wasn't able to speak with the contact I was given there on Friday but I am told that they are already aware of this young lady and are working with her. I'll pop in a call on Monday to see how things are progressing.