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This is a sub-selection from Amazing


Barrie, ON
reply to rlharris02

Re: Amazing

said by rlharris02:

LMAO What do you think every provider in the world does.

ALL of them say "UP TO".

Think before you post.

Some peoples Kids.

no, in most countries they do not use "up to", infact, I believe Verizon in the US stopped doing that as well.


Cleveland, OH
VZ still uses it only due to overhead- especially on DSL and the fact that they can NOT control the Internet or anything past their COs.


Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable
·Verizon Online DSL
VZ does not use "up to" on DSL anymore. They say 500-1000 kbps, 1.1-3, 3.1-5, 5.1-7, 7.1-10, 10.1-15 if I remember correctly (all but the first are a single cost tier). They guarantee 500 kbps on their lowest end plan and 1.1 Mbps on their higher end one...doesn't mean a whole lot, but it's better than "up to" or nothing.

As far as "anything past their COs" remember that Verizon is an ILEC. If they need to replace copper phone lines it is well within their power to do so. If they need to replace backhauls from DSLAMs it is well within their power to do so.

As for them not controlling the Internet, that's true,, to a point. Verizon DSL ties directly into AS701, a Tier 1 internet backbone. A backbone which, to be honest, I've NEVER seen congested on any routes to other Tier 1s, which can generally get to any point on the Internet within a few hops.

In short, barring crappy telephone lines (and resultant sync speed decreases), Verizon's service will deliver 100% of what you're paying for 99.9% of the time. This is from experience.