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This is a sub-selection from Amazing

Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL
reply to hottboiinnc

Re: Amazing

said by hottboiinnc:

the Gov't has no right to intervene in private business matters. And you have options just like others. The fact is nobody wants to change to those options.

For example in Chicago you have the following options plus more:

ATT (landline and Mobility)
Verizon Wireless
T-Mobile USA
Clear (internet)
Virgin Mobile (internet and cell)
Boost (cell)
Nextel (cell)
Page Plus (cell)
WOW (cable/internet/phone)
Comcast (cable internet phone)
+ others

Others have similar options and may have more than you.

those companies do NOT have a monopoly (meaning ONE) or duopoly (meaning 2) status on anything. A couple maybe larger than the rest but you have options.

And a private business has the right to make a profit. And you are always free to take your business else wear if you don't agree. That's called Free Enterprise and Free Market. And the last I knew- Cell phone providers provided access to the CELLULAR voice market- internet is an add on they put with it. It used to be charged per minute off your voice minutes the same as text messages where. And as i've said before- they can always go back to that way and kill off unlimited voice and make their $$$ that way.

Sorry most ISPs are not comparable.
Landlines and wireless and satellites cannot be compared.
They are different, thus have drastically different pricing.
Then in each category ISPs use different technologies which which do not provide the same service.

In each category people are lucky to have a choice of two ISPs.
Most only get one. If you want the fastest speeds you would rather have a landline than wireless. If you are mobile you would rather have wireless. If you have no choice of anything else you choose satellite.

Anyways we the people have every right to use our government to protect us from being taken advantage of when it comes to things that most americans need.
It is why we have the FDA, EPA, OSHA, IRS, SEC, Utility commissions, state groups, laws, etc.
The people have every right to control private companies through government regulation.
If there was true capitalism we would all have unlimited internet.