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unions ... geez

at&t doesn't have to 'grease' the union to support the merger.
once merged, CWA will gain all the technicians that work on the wireless gear ... as members. They're bargained for employees, in the at&t world. The dues alone, are more than enough 'grease' to keep CWA drooling over the approval of this tomfoolery.
The duplicate jobs that will be cut, as a result of this merger, are mostly management positions. The union does give two doo-doos about management level positions. Not even mid-level managers.
The only thing that would get CWA more fired up, would be if the IT workforce was unionizing. Unions have been drooling over IT for over a decade.

What burns my bacon (and did when I worked for at&t/SBC) was the mass e-mailings that would go out, urging employees to write your representatives in congress, or the FCC to urge them to support the merger. They made it SO simple. Fields that auto-populate from HR databases. All you have to do is click a button, and it's done.
What's more ... if you refused to do this, your manager would come 'talk' to you.
Yes! Back when the Ameritech merger was going on, my boss came over and actually had the balls to threaten my job, if I didn't click the button! Like Hell!
If you think I'm gonna let my employer tell me what opinions to have, you've got another thing coming!

Once upon a time, I did love working for SBC ... but now, I'm beyond thrilled, to NOT be an at&t employee! Those asshats can eat my shorts!

Death to at&t!
Down with Lerch & Darth Felo!