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reply to CXMNYC

Re: Making unions illegal would solve many problems

said by CXMNYC:

Let's see, what is the sole purpose of a corporation? To make money, profit plain and simple, nothing else. If you find anything else a corporation exists for I'd love to know. What is a union's purpose for existing? To increase the standard of living of its member and to increase its membership. You wish to ban the unions and through yourself into being a wage slave for a corporation. I can tell you don't have a union job because you believe union workers don't work. I currently work a union job in the communications industry and me and my fellow union employees bust our asses! Outside in all manner of weather. As an individual I stand no chance against a 100 billion dollar corporation with army's of lawyers and accounts trying to get my labor for the least amount of money and benefits. Together as a union we get good wages and benefits. Corporations are not benevolent entities. If a corporation could make a profit from putting a child to work in a coal mine for 14 hours a day, they would. How do we know this? Because they have in the past. If there weren't laws against it they would do it now.



New York, NY
Make me, wage slave. Bet you're an IT drone who hasn't the fortitude to stand and fight for better working conditions.


You *do* know "QFT" means "quote for truth" right? Great way to thank someone who's agreeing with you.


New York, NY
I learn something new everyday. Yes I feel great shame. I take back all the things I said about IT guys.