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CBT kills newsgroup service?

Am getting "482 Authentication Rejected" when trying to connect.

Called Zoomtown support. They say CBT dropped service 9/1 - "not many people using it, and you can use a third-party service".

What's next, email? Think how much money they could save by dropping their email service! Just tell everyone they can use a third-party service instead!

And so much for their "Priced for Life" guarantee - right, no price increase, let's just start eliminating the 'value added' services.


Cincinnati, OH
I agree! That was one of my favorite features of zoomtown - I don't think any other isps had this included for free!

·Time Warner Cable
·Cincinnati Bell
reply to anomynous
Didn't know they had them. Only been with CB for a few months. Most isp killed them years ago. I keep NewsgroupDirect as my newsgroup service.

Not sure why, hardly ever use them. Anyway I just purchased a block account it doesn't expire so I still have them if I need them. They run specials sometimes watch for them if looking for a replacement. Terabyte Tuesdays is common if looking for block account.

Cincinnati, OH
reply to anomynous
Pretty ridiculous to suggest that they'd kill email next. Sensationalism and exaggeration doesn't help your cause.

If hardly anyone is using the service it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to keep it going. Like dcurrey said, there aren't many ISP's that still have newsgroup service. Be thankful they've kept it this long. If you really need it that bad then you can find it elsewhere.
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reply to anomynous
Hi All,

My name is Katie and I work for Cincinnati Bell.

Cincinnati Bell has officially decommissioned the newsgroup (NNTP) service. As mentioned by several other customers, we were able to maintain newsgroup access for several years longer than many of other service providers. However, the combination of rapid decline in usage, high per user costs, and availability of suitable (and in many cases free) alternatives led to this change. We appreciate your loyalty to Cincinnati Bell and our services. Some suggested alternative newsgroup services include:
Google Groups – »groups.google.com
UseNetServer – »www.usenetserver.com
GigaNews – »www.giganews.com


Cincinnati Bell