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Jamestown, NC
reply to rchandra

Re: Actually faster over IPv6, by about 2.5-3x??

said by rchandra:

right...if you would turn on Windows' nslookup's debug and/or d2 flags, you would probably see that lack of response (as printed by the default settings) is actually returning an SOA RR. As it is, you're just getting "Name: www.google.com" printed, no IPv6 address. That's the same sort of thing my host(1) will do w/o the -verbose flag.

I cannot directly explain why OpenDNS is telling you different results depending on whether you query via v4 or v6, and it looks like they're not telling you the correct results. From the output you show, it's/they're returning NXDOMAIN (which is not true, which is what I would gather is what "*** No IPv6 address (AAAA) records available for www.google.com" means) instead of an SOA. (wellll...put it this way...I'm not a DNS RFC hound, I'm just going from previous nslookup/host/dig usage and results experience. So take these comments with a grain of salt.)

The only way you may have gotten AAAAs from GoogPubDNS w/o querying a partner such as HE is to have done it on World IPv6 Day.

I'm sure it's not too tough to find; I read Google's page once on applying to be allowed to get their AAAAs through recursive queries to a partner's server.

Yep, you are correct. I was mistaking the same nslookup output behavior under IPv4 and IPv6 as evidence that Google Public DNS was returning the same results. Now that you mention it, just returning the name does look weird.

When running the same nslookup query through the he.net server, a proper IPv6 address in addition to the name is returned.

C:\Users\Matt>nslookup -q=aaaa www.google.com. 2001:470:20::2
Server:  ordns.he.net
Address:  2001:470:20::2
Name:    www.l.google.com
Address:  2001:4860:800f::68
Aliases:  www.google.com