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Canopy 5700sm

P9 Board
9.0 SM-DES sw version

I would like to enable it's mac factory programming so that i can change the sm mac address. Is it possible in this sw version? if so how? if not what do i need to do to have it enable? Do i need to downgrade sw version? Do i need to download tools or software that can help me enable it? Kindly provide tutorial please if you know how. Please provide tutorial that may not damage or brick the Canopy's software.

I would like to use this Canopy of mine in my sisters and clone her mac so she can use internet chat with our parents and make her smile on her birthday. Hers is broken and getting a replacement on my location is not that fast.

I had searched the internet and so very unlucky i do hope someone with knowledge provide me information or tutorial or at least provide me a direction to start with.



anyone please?