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Big Russ, 1918 to 2008. Rest in Peace

New York, NY
reply to TheRogueX

Re: Making unions illegal would solve many problems

said by TheRogueX:

Make it easier for hard working Americans to be fired and laid-off at the whim of big business!

Absolutely. What makes you so special that you should have a guaranteed job for life?? Are you scared that if you had to work for a living you might get replaced by someone more qualified who is willing to work for less? The great thing about non union jobs is that everyone is 'at will'. This means if you dont pull your weight each day you will get fired. I know the concept of keeping your job based on performance might be shocking, but welcome to the (non union) reality of the world.
"No you won't" -The American people to President Obama (11/2/2010)