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San Jose, CA
reply to CXMNYC

Re: Making unions illegal would solve many problems

said by CXMNYC:

I am confident in my job performance. Compete on a level playing field?

I agree with you, but some people are just trolls and there is a lot of them in this forum lol.

Competition force is better than union collective bargaining but in this economy, with big corporations and biased laws favoring just corporation - we would stand no chance. And what stops from everybody hiring 9 year old in coal factory if there were no laws against it? Cheaper labor = more profit for company.

I also wanted to mention, there are some firms in the U.S that don't have union here in the U.S but they have in other countries (due to more strict labor laws).

Many people are also hypocrities. Take a look for example at Republicans who oppose every social benefit program, no matter how limited.

WHy their kids are so lucky to get private great school in High school, then get into more better prestigious top colleges at which they spend some time fraternizing and partying, not just studying. At the end they get good paying job at good firm through "connections" from their dads. Not too mention if they studied really well in college, they most likely got what they need to succeed in their job and move in ranks. Look, their parents worked hard or whatever to get they are, and kids got handed it out to them. Later those kids, the same people as adults vow against anything that might be handed to their less fortunate peers from taxes. Forgetting they got them from their rich parents who got tax breaks, that cost middle and lower class more money in taxes. Some of them struggle in life everyday, just trying to pay for living expenses.

Now compare this to everyday lower middle-class folks, who had to go to public school learning less, went to public community college and very likely transferred later to public university or went to private university on student loans and then just somewhere landed job with starting salary that covers only basic needs and "just fine" standard of living. And what they got from education is hit/miss whether it will be useful for their jobs.

Now worse, compare this to minorities (black) and type of schools they get into and what they get from those schools. Many of them dont' graduate, struggles to find jobs and to make money get involved in gangs and drugs that gets them in trouble with law and jail. We have the largest prison system in the U.S and this cost taxpayer's money a lot.

I tell you, this is inequality to resources is in purpose. Some people just want to have everything, disregarding the effects in has on their environment. Just like with factories and pollutions, except this time is human. We are going toward trend, what used to be in middle ages in Europe where most people lived in master's house and got paid for little. This all ended with black death, that wiped 3/4 population leaving less people and less labor force. This in turn increased average standard of living and created middle class in reinassance. Because then it left all employers to find scarce source for which they had to compete.

Notice we are going in the same trend in the U.S what was before outbreak. We got hit hard with economic recession in 2008 that forced to teach many people to go easier with borrowing and reckless spending. I expect that something else will come big in future to remind us. Its prophecy. There is cause and effect. They are always together.