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New York, NY
reply to wifi4milez

Re: Making unions illegal would solve many problems

I understand the point your making. However, I work in the private sector, I am not a government employee. I think you meant in an non union employment situation. My point, and it is anecdotal(just what I've experienced personally) is that the union workers around me are mostly all hard working and dedicated, some are lazy slobs. The lazy slobs, would be lazy slobs wherever they worked, union or non union. Their work ethics where formed long before the got a union job. I've had plenty of non union jobs through the years and I've encountered just as many lazy and careless workers there. It is easier to fire non union workers who suck, but I've seen plenty of union workers who suck get fired. I've also seen good workers in non union jobs get fired because they didn't kiss a managers ass enough. If you're a good employee your job shouldn't be at the whim of someone because they don't like your personality. You should be judged on your value as an employee. Being part of 35000 employees I know if I were fired my company wouldn't skip a beat, despite my belief that I'm an excellent employee. My unions value to me is that I know I will only be fired for a just cause. Union employees have a sense that we will not be fired over a trivial matter like a personality conflict with a foreman.

Big Russ, 1918 to 2008. Rest in Peace

New York, NY
said by CXMNYC:

I think you meant in an non union employment situation.

Yes I did, thank you for catching that as I was using the wrong term.