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offshore web hosting

I am looking for decent offshore hosting. >98% uptime is fine.
I dont have a ton of money to spend, but do have some.

I am not engaging in spam, illegal activities, or illegal content.

I have videos which violate youtubes (subjective) community guidelines. For example, they could all safely be broadcast on daytime TV and shown to families and children, but of course the message of the video is offensive to people, and so they fight to have them taken down (and succeed).

They are related to very controversial 1st amendment issues.

I am pretty sure that attorneys and courts will try to have them taken down at the request of our opponents, therefore having it outside of the US, EU, and Canada would be preferred.

Ive heard iceland is good, ive also heard singapore and hong kong would work as well.

I am hoping for passible latency to the US... I do understand that there will be latency, simply because of distance.