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Scottsdale, AZ

Best ISP for Part Time San Diego Area Resident

I currently use AT&T's DSL service for my internet connection in the San Diego metro area. I subscribed over 4 years ago when it was $10/month for a barebones package and now the price has increased to about $20/month. It's inexpensive, but the speed and reliability of the connection isn't as good as the 15mbps Cox High Speed Internet cable modem service at my primary residence. I only use the AT&T DSL service 4 months out of the year, but still pay for the 8 months of the year I am not in town. I don't see any option on the AT&T website for DSL only (I don't have phone or cable tv with them) customers to put the service on a vacation hold.

I have Cox high speed internet at my primary residence and am very happy with it. It's $55/month but since there are family members at my primary residence using it daily when I am away, I never inquired or researched a vacation hold option, so I don't know if they have one.

I also don't know if there are re-connect fees or long term contracts you have to sign with ISP's in the San Diego area. Which high speed internet company in San Diego is both reasonably priced and offers service holds for seasonal residents?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Mclean, VA
AFAIK, Cox has the ability to disconnect and reconnect service on a whim for customers who are in your situation. I'd post in the Cox forum to be sure, but I saw a thread about it a few years ago.
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