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Ashburn, VA

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reply to djrobx

Re: Tennis Channel really?

said by djrobx:

We need the gubbermint to step in and prohibit content providers from bundling channels. ESPN gets ransom deals because its parent (ABC) can threaten to pull the main network feed if demands aren't met.

Until that happens there is no chance for us to have ala carte or tiers that make rational sense.

The saddest part of this whole mess is that the prices will continue to soar year after year as the greedy parties keep making ludicrous demands. Eventually, the customer base will dwindle as we simply can't afford it anymore, and our corrupt government will most likely use my tax money to pay for a bailout that only adds fuel to the fire, as this money will surely go to the elite top as an award, while the working stiffs will take the brunt of the punishment in layoffs and reduced benefits.


Chesterfield, MO

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Don't put it past the government to let them fail and then pump more money into PBS. All part of their plan to create state-run media and control information.

OK -- I know that sounds like a 9/11 conspiracy theorist but I think we need to get rid of PBS and not ever rescue failed businesses. There's a reason species survive on this planet. Billions of predecessor species died. Interfering with this natural selection process is dangerous...

I also think we need to reinstate the regulation that stops content creators from being owned or owning content delivery. It troubles me that Comcast bought NBC/Universal and the "gubbermint" rubber stamped it.