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220, 221, Whatever It Takes.
·Verizon FiOS
reply to rwholfcave

Re: You Better think twice about this Service!!!

there is a huge backlog of work coz the managers didnt do jack or squat during the strike. ive had the service for almost 2 years now. love it. yeah, vz sucks, but the product, once installed and debugged is freakin awesome. i thought more than twice about it man, and even though i work for verizon, i still decided to order it. you go right back to direct tv. let em know with your wallet. just coz it works great for me does not imply anyone elses experience will be smooth sailing. why would you use the vz homepage? the gui sucks. use anything but. use a 3rd party email prog dont waste time with the web based service. i wish i was allowed to assist you but they dont let just us schmoes that know what we are doing help you. you have to talk, or try to talk to the "right people." youll know when you get them, they do exist, just not where they can actually help. sorry your experience is sucking moreso than not.
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