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reply to wonko3fc

Re: Ordering a new sofa

said by wonko3fc:

I think you have answered your own question.

If the narrowest gap this object is to pass through is 75cm and the smallest dimension is 77.5cm logic suggests that which ever axis you rotate the unit through by 90 degrees will not allow passage.

hmm - not quite - since it is not a solid cube, it will be possible to position it with the "back" corner (i.e. the one where the 2 backs meet) lowermost and the "front" corner uppermost (where the "floor to seat height" is 42cm), and then tilt it to take advantage of that lower height and shift the foot at the "back corner" higher than the back of the "back corner".... then the 77.5cm dimension will not be parallel to the floor but at an angle so that the dimension parallel to the floor will be less

might be possible to squeeze it through that way, but only if the door is narrow and the walls on [/both[/i] sides offer enough further clearance to allow the "fronts of the backs" to overlap it when it is tilted at maximumto get the foot past {i.e. at that point the overall dimension needed is more than 77.5, but in a kind of ]- shape where the foot is level with the door frame and the arms protrude beyond the frame on both sides of the door

ps don't forget to allow for the door itself, unless you are proposing to remove it when they deliver....... when open it will still protrude beyond the frame

Verbum sat sapienti


I concur with you Paul - it may also be that the odd cm may be possibly recovered by squashing the covering into the frame of the unit - however, all that does rather increase risk damage to the unit - which might prevent it being returned if ordered from new - if it was already owned and one was moving hose etc, well you go for it
I think, given the circumstances, I'd be inclined to play safe and either find another route for access or a different model...

Mind, looking closer at the picture, I bet those feet come off and the grey cushions... If they are included in the overall height, That might be enough. Is there one on display in Argos so you can check it before ordering?


Thanks for all the feedback, i can confirm that the feet do come off and are separate when the sofa is delivered, so that 77.5 will be alot less, which im happy about, i already had a sofa taken back because it was a little over sized, so im just being cautious.
Thanks again for your help.