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Re: You Better think twice about this Service!!!

ive had verizon for 4 months. its been the WORST experience of my life!!! the customer service is TERRIBLE!! they had my address but i never received any bills, i called at the end of each month stating i didnt receive a bill and i would be happy to pay after i review my bill. they disconnected my service after assuring me they wouldnt. and claimed they couldnt find my account using my account number after i told them i wanted to cancel!!! now im stuck paying a $550 bill that i still havent seen a bill for..

220, 221, Whatever It Takes.
obviously it sucks to be you.


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The customer service is terrible only if the customer is terrible, its upseting , but the rep is only a rep , taking words on behalf of verzion, were advised of protocols and more then likely the agent you were speaking with just had an irate customer before you, Trust me if you show respect and kindness you would actually get a good customer service experience, seeing your bill isnt a complaint, we send out a bill for what your using, customers call in all the time just for a representative to prove a point on how a charge is valid on a bill, if your one of those whos spicy about their bills then you can find it online, all in all you know what to pay and not paying your bill would only affect you
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