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[AB] Help setting up SMC modem for bridge mode

I've got a SMC modem from shaw, and a netgear wndr3400 router that I want to use with it.

I managed to get shaw to switch it to bridge mode, but I'm stuck getting it working.

If I connect the SMC modem directly to my computer, it works.

If I connect it into the netgear router it doesn't get an ip address. I'm plugging SMC port 1 into the input port for the netgear.

Am I doing something wrong? Are there some options I need to change somewhere?

Thanks for the help... sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I'm new here.


Argh, nevermind... I got it working finally. Everything was setup fine, I just had to restart things in the right order.

Sorry, this was all pretty hasty. Just frustrated from being on hold with shaw 24/7.


Funny.. I have having the same problem I ahve the Cisco 3825 and I want to use my existing router (D-link dir-655). supposedly they switch my cisco to be in bridge mode... i have no idea how to figure out if it is or not... but now i am unable to reach the cisco options via (maybe means its in bridge mode?).. now i dont understand what to plug-in where, in order to get my router to work like it used too. ive tried hooking everything up and reaching my router (d-links) options via but no dice.... any help?


I have a different modem than you so I'm not sure if it's the same, but here's what I did (minus random stupid things):

1. verified it changed to bridge mode by trying to go to I couldn't get to it which is how it's supposed to be as far as I know.

2. Plug cable into shaw modem port 1, connect that to the www port of my router.

3. Unplug router and modem

4. Plug in router, wait a few seconds for it to start up.

5. Plug in modem

Good luck!



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you just saved me multi hours.. already been at this for 4. :P lol. thanks so much.


Red Deer, AB
reply to lngsht
Should actually plug modem in, let it sync first and come online first, then power on the router. Other way works sometimes, but you are guaranteed to not have any issues if you do modem THEN router, THEN switch, THEN second switch (if you have anything after the router :P)

Calgary, AB
reply to bnorlie
If you don't know if your gateway from Shaw is in Bridge or Gateway mode,

There are two things to check,

1) Is there a wireless signal being broadcasted
2) Plug a device in, computer for example, and check the IP it gets, 192.168.x or 70.75 24.x 184.x - after you make sure you and browse online.

192.168.x Gateway mode Real IP - Bridge
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