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Wireless Options

Due to recent flooding, a number of customers near me have had land line phones and their DSL internet service interrupted: »www.ptcconnect.net/

There are rumors that service can be affected for months, and possibly the company may go belly up. I was asked what other options exist for these customers. I immediately dismissed Satellite, because of it's poor service and cost prohibitive plans. I do however know that the area gets really good cell coverage. In fact I brought my Verizon phone to one of the affected residence houses and the LTE signal was at 3 bars.

Then I started looking at pricing. These residents don't want to get locked into long contracts, because there is a chance DSL service will be restored. To my dismay it would cost $249 for a usb modem, then there is the problem of the 5GB limit, which most customers aren't heavy users, but the 5GB seems a bit low and the 10GB plan seems a bit pricey, especially if they are month to month and already had to shell out $249 for a device.

What other options are there? I looked at T-Mobile, which seems a little better that there is no cutoff or increased pricing after 5GB, but the month to month plans are much more costly than verizons. I would think that someone could offer a decent plan to customers that can't get service otherwise, but it just doesn't seem to be out there. I know a lot of residents that would even switch from DSL and lock into a 2 year agreement if not for the 5GB limit. Like I said, these aren't heavy users, but even moderate internet browsing consumes more than 5GB in a week, let alone a month.

If anyone knows of other options, or has any suggestions, please let me know. I feel for these people, and hope to find them a solution that doesn't drain them finacially. They've already been through enough hardships with property damage from the floods.


Marble Hill, MO
here's your best bet for a cell modem internet provider. »www.millenicom.com/ . They also have a forum here on DSLReports.com.