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cannot get rid of "shop to win" popup!!!

Hi, ever since I upgraded to 6.0.2 I get this "shop to win" popup on shopping sites. Pop up blocker is enabled. I have adblock+ and filters. Ran all the necessary av and mw programs in an attempt to get rid of it. I have googled for answers, but nothing has worked that I tried.

It seems like it has to be something simple and I keep overlooking it. Can anyone help?


Courtenay, BC

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So have you gone into Tools>Add-Ons and seen whether it is installed there. ?
Have you got a "toolbar" installed with this...?
Do you have a host file installed?If not you could try MVPS host files,which will block a bunch of crap sites....


I understand you have run that correct?

Edit: An excellent program for determining if you have hidden BHO,s (browser hidden objects) or toolbars is Win Patrol...available as free/paid......Look under "IE helpers"..(works on FFx too)....