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Palm Coast, FL
·Bright House
reply to BHNtechXpert

Re: Updates on NFL Network Discussions

I see. I guess with the overwhelming popularity of the NFL and all that comes with it I'd figure that there would be far more interest for it then MLB Network. I also understand that regardless of interest, if the NFL Network is asking for too much then something has to be done.

I can continue to hope for a deal in the future - either tiered or included in base pacakge, it doesn't matter to me.

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
Don't confuse popularity with money sense. Popularity only takes you so far when it comes to the consumer wallet. Consumers love their football but they also know a money grab when they see one. The NFL has lost sight of the fact that the game is all about the fan...not the money.

Without a doubt a number of the people who have voiced an opinion against caving to the NFL's demands are football fans. Sure they want football but they aren't willing to allow the NFL to dictate to another company or to the consumer for that matter the terms of viewing and paying for said games. It also boils down to value, the way the NFL wants it you the consumer would pay all year for the right to view 8 or 9 live games and the rest of the year useless reruns and commentary.

There is little value to the consumer in that. The consumer sees this for exactly what it is...another way for the NFL to squeeze yet another dime out of you the fan and in this case whether you like it or not you would pay.
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Palm Coast, FL
·Bright House
Well, there is more to the NFL Network then just 8-9 live games a season (although I realize this is one of the big selling points they try and push). It's just like the consumer paying for the MLB Network year round when the season spans only about 7 months. These channels are specific to the sport and show programs/live shows/etc related to it.

I don't just want it for the 8-9 live games, I want it because I'm a football fan and I enjoy watching all kinds of programming related to football. It seems that BHN is trying to make it sound like NFL Network wants you to pay year round for 8 live games and NFL Network is making it sound like BHN doesn't want to carry it.

Again, I don't side with anyone over this and I'm just simply a fan hoping that an agreement can be made. I can assure you, as avid sports fan, that there is a lot more money in the sport of football then there is baseball. Football has become our countries past time. I do also agree though that the NFL has become extremely greedy because of this. The most recent lockout was further proof at how this league is strictly about the money. The only reason a deal was struck is because both sides realized that there is WAY to much money to be lost of the season didn't start on time.

Again, thank you to ispgeek and tim tim tim for your updates on this issue. It seems it's still in the same spot that it was in the last time I checked. I sure hope the NFL and BHN can reach an agreement soon!