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Houston, TX
reply to DaveDude

Re: End substized phones already

said by DaveDude:

The problem is two fold , gsm vs cdma, and subsidized phone. There needs to be a law that all carriers use LTE, and can no longer offer subsidized phones. The Verizon app store, is just an failed attempt at relevance. With yahoo, google, and amazon, why would i bother with anything verizon has to offer ?

Well, I don't know about a "law", but the US, after dragging far behind in 3G deployment compared to the rest of the world, will now apparently lead in the upcoming LTE (4G) deployment front. The big carriers will effectively standardize on it in the next year or two.

That being said, it doesn't bother me that carriers subsidize phones, it bothers me there's no different (cheaper) rate for unsubsidized phones. This leaves US consumers locked to a particular phone on a particular network, and they pay the same as those under contract. This reads just like the story of home phones and handsets from decades ago.

I am a rare breed. I buy unlocked international phones, and have been for years. I need 3G when leave the states, so this limits me to one carrier--T-Mobile. I've been out of contract for years, and I've been fortunate to consistently downgrade the cost of my plan (most of time with additional service benefits and/or no contract). Right now, I pay $50 with unlimited talk/text/web per month (throttled after 2Gb or something like that). In theory, if I'm dissatisfied with T-Mobile service, I can go elsewhere...just like in Europe! In reality, my only alternative is to take the phone I own to the death star and sign a two-year contract...just like the...US!

So, it doesn't matter that I already own an iPhone to AT&T, I'd pay the same (more expensive) rate as everyone else on their network--subsidized or unsubsidized. Oh, and I'll be signing a two-year contract. That seems unfair and illegal to me.
Hope this helps...