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This is a sub-selection from Caution: Never ACANAC

Trenton, ON

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reply to sohailahmed5

Re: Acanac, Inc.

said by sohailahmed5 :

I signed up for ACANAC in March 2011 and I regret 12 times every day because this is the minimum number of outages per day. Called Tech Support xzellinth number of times and keep repeating the same thing. I have spent 3-times more then the entire your of subscription to purchase new hardware recommended by ACANAC, but nothing changed. I am about to call them again to through my frustration but I know the end result. Thanks God I signed up for only 1-year, after that I am gonna burn everything related to this service.

The reason your DSL may be constantly going on or off is because your sync rate is too high. Please notify support@acanac.com to lower your sync rate. With DSL if a sync rate is too high it becomes unstable. Generally we need a DB margin above 8 and if it drops bellow that then it causes issues.
This is a sub-selection from Caution: Never ACANAC