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New Westminster, BC
reply to ShawSean

Re: [ALL] Ask ShawSean

I need to ask why Shaw is so incompetent and can never follow through with what they say.

I ordered BB50 in August and specifically requested a Cisco modem. My roommate was home when it got installed September 8th. I got home later that night and I open the closet to find a Motorola surfboard.

I spent two and a half hours on the phone waiting to get through to support to ask what happened. The service rep confirmed that they would get a tech to come out and switch the modem.

I just received a text from my roommate this morning and he tells me now that they dropped off an SMC.

Why is it so hard to follow through with simple instructions and requests...Shaw drives me absolutely nuts.


Vernon, BC
It's quite possible there were only SMC's available at the time. Send me your contact details and i'll see what I can do.
Twitter - @Shaw_Sean


St Albert, AB
I rec'd a Cisco dpc3825 but, strangely enough, the serial number of it is nowhere to be found in Shaw's database/listing/whatever. The tech asked for s/n and then took 10 minutes to try to find it, and failed. I don't get it... Hubby got SMC a while back and I hooked it up, and there were no (known) issues with it at all. Seems people on here don't like the SMC much but ours seems to be working ok.
Now, about that Cisco... what do I do? Call again and wait an hour just to find out they can't find this device in their own inventory? Help... I am having other issues as well (I posted in »OMG! Shaw, what's happening???), and this is really getting depressing...

ShawSean: is there ANYONE you can recommend I contact to get some semblance of service I pay for? I'm in St. Albert, AB.
This is a sub-selection from [ALL] Ask a Shaw Rep