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This is a sub-selection from D-Day

West Tenness
reply to axiomatic

Re: D-Day

said by axiomatic:

Comcast is the only ISP I can get in my neighborhood. I have to stick with whatever price they offer me and I assure you I am being reamed in the pooper right now. I do the Triple-Play and my bill is consistently $275/mo.

My family is in the group that can't sustain this anymore either. We are very close to dropping all but the internet connection.

Ooma is looking pretty sweet right now too for the VOIP and I have a perfectly working powered OTA antenna on my roof.

Comcast, if you are going to keep me as a Triple-Play customer I would get to this purported D-Day post haste.

How are you paying $275? Even separately it wouldn't be that high. I'd drop TV before I'd drop internet.