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Bluffton, SC
·Hargray Cable
reply to BillRoland

Re: Not sure they can make it up on HSI

said by BillRoland:

I would argue they can't really make it up in jacking HSI prices either, they'll end up driving customers to cheaper tiers or to cheaper DSL.

I don't know about that. My cable/phone/internet provider is raising high speed internet rates all tiers by $10 if you don't have phone and cable service along with internet. The problem is we have no other choices for high speed internet, they'll say sat internet is another option so they aren't a monopoly. Many people around here have sat TV and cell phones instead of landlines so the local company is raising the internet fees and basically you can't escape it.

On another rant, Hargray which is my local company will not even give me a good faith estimate in writing of what my bill would be a month if I have their phone/cable/internet bundle. They simply stare at their computer screens and quote you a price, when you get your next bill which is way higher they blame it on taxes, fees etc. It is straight up fraud what they do and they are smart enough not to put anything in writing, internet service is the only price they quote you in writing but of course there is the $4.99 a month modem rental plus taxes again. I own my own modem and they gave me a hard time about giving them back theirs. I said here you go I bought my own modem here's yours and stop billing me a monthly fee. I was told by the first person I couldn't do that. Half hour late I was right they were wrong. Most people would just pay the extra $4.99 a month not knowing they can buy their own modem.

BTW the $99 package is BS.