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Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs

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Re: Cancelled my subscription...

Some people simply do without.

I go to maybe 2 movies a year in the theater, if that. Anything that's out new I can wait for.

I usually look through the free on demand movies offered by my cable provider first, and then I check my own (rather small, but respectable) collection of DVD's.

If I can't find anything worth watching there, I can usually just watch something on non network TV.

And there's always Redbox.

Netflix clearly screwed up the timing & execution of their rate hike. A million people hitting the road is no small blip.

A lot of people are strapped for cash. Used to be people would suck up rate hikes for stuff like Netflix, Sirius XM, and cable.

Those days are long gone, and people are looking at that extra $10 to $18 a month for various services as groceries they can buy, or money for pet food, etc.

Netflix is hitting the road long before fluffy is....
Petty people are disproportionally corrupted by petty power