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This is a sub-selection from I feel your pain!


Tannersville, PA
reply to GadgetGuru

Re: I feel your pain!

said by GadgetGuru:

I contacted Blue Ridge a few months ago concerning what DOCSIS they were running. I was told they are using DOCSIS 1.x and have no plans to upgrade. Inferior service, out dated technology, slower speeds, and more expensive than Comcast. And the only cable choice we have.

DOCSIS 1.x??? Are you serious?

OMG. What a joke this company is.

Of course they have no plans to upgrade- they don't have to. There is NO competition. There are no other cable companies, and their only competitor is Verizon DSL, with their *blazing* fast 3 Mbps offering...

Nice to pay top dollar for ten year old technology that will never, ever be upgraded.
“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”
Sinclair Lewis
This is a sub-selection from I feel your pain!