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Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
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Questions about XM?

How do I make them stop. In 2005 I subscribed to XM and ordered a stand alone receiver that I connected through my car radio and moved from Car A to Car B as needed.

I eventually replaced each car without an XM radio with another that had an XM Radio installed. When I tried to have XM remove a radio from my account that was installed in the car I traded in, they weaseled around and tried to do everything to convince me not to remove the radio. XM personnel could not seem to understand that I was replacing the radio and car with a different radio and car. I wound up having to speak to a supervisor to get the radio removed from my account.

How do I get them to stop. XM is still trying to get me to reactivate the radio in a car I sold in November of 2010 and did not replace. They send me cards advising me that they have temporarily reactivated the radio in a car I do not even own. This is extremely inconvenient because after I receive such a notice I have to check my account to see if XM has started charging me again for the radio in the car I sold. How do I get XM to stop nagging me about a radio in a car I no longer own.

Has anyone reading this forum ordered the $2.99 internet radio access option. I was wondering if XM charged you that approximately $4.00 copyright crap charge in addition to the $2.99 access fee.

NW Minnesota
It was an absolute nightmare to completely cancel my service back in January '09. After many phone calls and two certified letters (verifiable paper trail) to XM and several charge backs, my CC company changed my account number. I still get their junk mail offering reduced rates. I'll reactivate when Hell freezes over. YMMV