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Herrin, IL

Lost me

I dumped them when I saw Netflix's response to angry customers after the price hike was announced. "Those who dropped Netflix represents only a small percentage and we are a thriving business, we will survive". That statement just didn't sit well with me, it's not the way I roll and I won't give an arrogant company my business. I freely speak with my wallet.

After all, i'm only a small fraction


Lawrence, MA
Oh come on now. What else are they going to say? "Excuse us while we wither away and die?" Any and every company is going to make a similar statement. They are not being arrogant in any way.

For myself, I continue to pay the $7.99 before and after the change. I really don't watch much netflix, but I like having the choice of watching a decent movie at any time available to me. It's worth the $8/m to me.

Now if it truly turns out that their access to decent movies dries up and all I'm left with is access to B movies I just may reconsider.

Also, I'll add that I, like many of you reading this can easily find alternative means of accessing the content is "less than legal" ways, but appreciate what netflix is bringing to the table. I don't think I'm alone in saying that I'd be happy to pay a reasonable fee to access the content, but unfortunately most companies figure if you're willing to pay $8, let's see if you'll pay $12, and so it goes.
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