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Re: I left before this...

I used to subscribe to Netflix back in the day, around 2002 or 2003. I canceled after 18 months or so. It was terrible for new releases. This is well before the 28 day waiting period, I’d put add a movie to my queue weeks before in would be released, and often I wouldn’t get it until a month or so later due to the initial demand. I got fed up with their inventory issues and canceled.

Then earlier this summer after everyone telling me how wonderful the online streaming is, I signed up for a month long free trial. I cannot put into words how truly awful Netflix streaming is. Their library is piss poor, there’s no other way to put it. They just suck. I had a list in my head of around 30 movies I wanted to see but never did for some reason or another, and I’m not talking the latest new releases. Fast and the Furious, I am Legend and Saw are just some of the movies I tried to watch but were not available. Just a bunch of crap nobody has ever heard of. So I tried to find some TV shows. No CSIs, No Criminal Minds, no Chuck, etc. For some reason I never got into many summer cable series, but The Glades on A&E looked pretty interesting, so I thought I’d watch it this year. I thought I could use Netflix to catch up with season 1, but nope, not available. What a surprise that was. But guess where I could watch the entire first season? That’s right on Free HD On Demand on Time Warner Cable. Why go to a two bit Mickey Mouse operation for TV when Time Warner’s been doing it for years?
Sure $8 for unlimited streaming sounds great, but honestly it’s not worth it, when there’s nothing available. I wouldn’t subscribe to it if it was a buck. In fact I was so disgusted with their library or lack thereof, I canceled the free trial after about 2 weeks. I find absolutely zero value in it. I find a ton of value by subscribing to all the movie channels on cable. Other then watching missed King Of The Hill episodes, I could not find a single thing on Netflix worth watching, OTHER THAN the Starz content. But that will soon be a moot point with Starz removing themselves from that abomination. Sure having Salt, Easy A, and Law Abiding Citizen on Netflix was great, but since I pay for Starz, why limit myself to a handful of their movies, when I can get them all on 6 channels plus their On Demand channel on cable.

I doubt I'll ever have anything to do with netflix again.
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