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Bakersfield, CA

[TWC] Is wideband 5mbps upstream available in Lancaster/Palmdale

Hi. I am curious if any kind of wideband docsis 3 speeds are available in the Antelope valley of Southern california which would include the Lancaster and Palmdale area? If so what would pricing be, both for stand alone service and with bundles? I currently am living in Bakersfield, but have friends in the Lancaster area and I may be moving back there, as I'm originally from that area. When I was last there, we had channel bonding, but no Docsis 3 services had yet been made available, but this was over a year back now, so am curious what if anything has changed.
thanks. also if you live in the Antelope Valley of Socal and have wideband service, what kind of speeds do you get? I'm totally blind, so if you could post the speeds as text instead of images, that'd be great. Thanks for any responses.



Re: [TWC] Is wideband 5mbps upstream available in Lancaster/Palm

Your best option is to call Customer Service for the most current information. Many options and bundles are not listed on the TWC websites.


Palmdale, CA
reply to kd6cae

Yes wideband is available in Lancaster/Palmdale. Currently I have Turbo Plus 20/2 with the Motorola SB6850 (the blue light is lit indicating docsis 3.0) and it is perfect. I am going to call this afternoon to see if I can add 30/5 and will post speed tests if I get it. Also I noticed that there is new pricing online so I am going to call and see if I can work a deal. Will post my results later.

Also the way the packages work is; Extreme 30/5 is $30 more then whatever you are paying for the basic 10/1 speed. The Top 50/5 speed is $109.99