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[MO] wifi connection


Firstly, I must say that I know little about wifi setup. But in the past I bought a wifi router and set it successfully according to instruction. But when I switched to mediacom this time, it is hard for me to do that. Could you give me some suggestions on how to set the router? What is the type of access internet with mediacom? PPPoE, Dynamic IP or Static IP£¿ Do I need to key in username and password? Actually, I do not have one. I can use internet when I connect the cord directly from modem. What other things I should pay attention to when I set up a wifi router?

Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend.

Sajan Parikh

Walcott, IA
What router did you get?

In almost all consumer home routers...

Take a pin and hold the reset button on the back of the router for 10-15 seconds while it's pluged in.

Let go of the button.

Plug in modem to the WAN port

Plug in a computer or laptop into any of the LAN ports.

Open a browser and type in the IP address on the back of the router.

Login using the credentials also found on the back of the router.

Then go straight to "Wireless Setting" or "Wifi Setup" - in most cases you can ignore everything else if you're looking for it to just...work.


Marion, IL
reply to sintg3
Set your router for a dynamic ip. You don't need a username or password. It should honestly be as easy as plugging in your router and connecting the modem and router together.

Seems like it shouldn't matter anymore, but unplug and plug it back in with the router connected so that mediacom sees a different 'computer' when you connect to them.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
reply to sintg3
The router would need to be set up as a 'dynamic IP' or automatic IP if it has the option. If you have a PC connected to the modem you will need to power the modem off and reset it if there is a reset on the back to push a pin into. This will clear the modem so that it can pull to the router smoothly. If you have any issues I can check the modem out for you and clear it if needed, just send your phone# or acct# to me.
Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
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