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Henderson, KY
reply to Jo J14

Re: Lost me this week

said by Jo J14:

Ive been using it less and less as I kept seeing more obscure crap to stream.

I know it's not their fault, but the movie/tv studios fault. It's pretty shortsighted of the studios to try and maintain their same and or better bottom lines in this market.

They have lost my money and Im just watching their content on unauthorized streaming sites >. On these streaming sites you can find all you want to watch for free.

Well aside from the legality, those streaming sites aren't all they're cracked up to be. From screen cams, to heavy demand [buffer], [buffer], to being in a non-native language. Not to mention the time wasted in finding the material to begin with, plus the nature of video simply means either you're going to see more, "for a better online experience give US money instead of the rights-holder"or "for a good time call..." ads.