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Pittsburgh, PA
reply to KoRnGtL15

Re: Facebook now wants your personal phone number....

Here is what it says on the page to set up your phone number.

Mobile Settings
Already received a confirmation code?

Share my phone number with my friends

Allow friends to text me from Facebook
Activating allows Facebook Mobile to send text messages to your phone. You can receive notifications for friend requests, messages, Wall posts, and status updates from your friends.
You can also update your status, search for phone numbers, or upload photos and videos from your phone.
Add a Phone
Learn more about using Facebook on your phone at Facebook Mobile.

Nah, I don't need my number plastered all over Facebook. or them bugging me. I rarely use the Facebook account anyhow.


Idledale, CO

Is FB in league with mobile carriers? Allowing all to text and sms will
drive some users into oveerages. ATT has dropped a few of its messaging
bundles, V is going to try to throttle unlimited 3G users ( see front page). When one carrier starts, they all seem to follow. So FB people who let all text might be in for a nasty surprise.

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reply to PittsPgh

said by PittsPgh:

Nah, I don't need my number plastered all over Facebook. or them bugging me. I rarely use the Facebook account anyhow.

Your number NEVER appears on your FB page UNLESS you decide to paste it all over yourself.

And they don't bother you by phone unless you first tell them to bother you. You have to first give your permission as clearly seen below:

What’s the point of owning a supercar if you can’t scare yourself stupid from time to time?


Denver, CO

An experiment can be done by people interested in FB's policy regarding phone numbers and setting up accounts. if you are setting up an account and get this message, try backing out refreshing your page,and then re-applying-PRESTO CHANGO-no more requirement for your phone #

This seemingly random requirement is an example to me of FB bad faith towards their users privacy. if you are someone who is looking to game the system than your goal is easily accomplished. if you are a person who just wants to use the service,you get the bad faith from the company from step 1