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An article by Gillian Shaw in the Vancouver Sun on September 14 said, "[Shaw company president Peter] Bissonnette points out that the company has never sold televisions although it provides cable service, so it’s not about to get into the business of selling devices to access its network."

While Mr. Bissonnette apparently conveniently forgets that Shaw obviously DOES sell (as a monopolistic provider, no less) the cable boxes and PVRs needed to access the cable TV network, does this new "we're not in the hardware business" attitude mean that perhaps I'll soon be able to eschew the Shaw PVR or gateway solution and buy a Ceton 4-tuner CableCard solution for my Windows Media Center PC?!

The latest Motorola boxen I've seen (specifically the DCX-3200 and DCX-3400) have a CableCard M-card in them, so presumably it's technically feasible that one could build a 7MC box that could work with Shaw cable?

Got any insights??


99% of the time I am happy with Shaw service but the last week has been a nightmare. Had 50% packet loss on Monday, which cost me a lot of money and headache in my home business. Tech support takes hours to get through on the phone. When you finally get through, they give you bs answers about "working on it" and when asked for any definitive timelines has no answer.

For the past few days I've had ping in the hundreds of ms. This makes work and gaming impossible. I might as well switch to dialup since it'll be much cheaper and at least i'll get what i'm paying for. I've already hooked up Telus dsl and will be cancelling Shaw if this doesn't get resolved very very soon.
This is a sub-selection from [ALL] Ask a Shaw Rep