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This is a sub-selection from Qwikster??? Qwikdeath?

Snohomish, WA

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Re: Qwikster??? Qwikdeath?

The price change was more than I had expected, but was not really outragous or unexpected that something would change.

However this (an idea they obiviously should had waiting is a really bad idea.
Problem #1 poor branding

The netflix name does make the most sense for the internet/streaming portion, but Qwikster? I tried googling it and ran into the same problem as this guy
»technologizer.com/2011/09/19/qwi ··· ickstar/
Generally when you consider the name change for a company you first do some marketing studies/research to avoid "sounds like", misspelling, existing companies, defunct companies and branding (a history of failed "sounds like" branding efforts may mean the name is not good, not that it was a poor fit for previous product lines, some words just aren't right) legal issues aside, this was poorly thought through.

Problem #2 customer confusion/limited future?
In a few months time, there may not even be a USPS to deliver the disks in an affordable manner, and they could just let it die gracefully.

Problem #3 splitting the accounts is a futher push for users to drop delivery, and is a negitive towards attraching to subs.

Problem #4 Poor Andy!
Reed hastings presents...sidekick Andy new CEO of our "designed to fail" division, I wonder if he knows he's being thrown in front of a bus?
This is a sub-selection from Qwikster??? Qwikdeath?