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West Tenness
reply to FFH5

Re: Netflix betting on future Hollywood may not let them have

said by FFH5:

»Netflix Splits Off DVD Rentals, Calls It 'Qwikster'

While the move is being lamented in the media as a failure before it even begins, it simply signals that Netflix sees the future and plans to focus on what future subscribers will want -- before many even realize they want it.
But will Hollywood let Netflix get to where it says users want to go? Netflix is putting itself at the mercy of the MPAA and so far the MPAA wants to see Netflix die. By betting its future on streaming, Netflix just handed its fate over to the Hollywood studios.

They will be fine. Hollywood tried to kill TV because it was going to cost them money. Hollywood tried to kill cable tv it was going ot cost them money. Hollywood tried to kill the VCR it was going ot cost them money. It takes time for Hollywood to wake up.