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West Tenness
reply to aciddrink

Re: Groan......gotta keep track of two accounts, now?

said by aciddrink:

said by 88615298:

Well the people that dropped DVD and went with RedBox had 2 account anyways right?

You just have to argue with every single post, don't you? We get it, you like to take the opposite view than everybody else on every single topic in every news article. It's cute, we all get it. Now you can stop.

No I'm pointing out how hypocritical some people are being. and I'm not talking about the OP.

In response to the OP. Yeah the split did suck, but how realistic was an $8 all you can eat buffet for the long run? I saw a price hike as inevitable. Lets just hope they can get some better content for streaming now.

Thew streaming never got a price increase. So I'm not sure what you were referring too.

steven s
Dearborn, MI
Streaming went from free to $8.

Maybe you shouldn't be so proud?
Atlanta, GA
my streaming went from 8 to 8


Virginia Beach, VA
me too.
I may get a new Qwikster account for PS3 games.
Action Yongar


reply to steven s
DVD accounts went from getting streaming free (for a long time) to having to pay for it (like everyone else who just wanted streaming), plus getting a $2 fee reduction for DVDs.
"Sorry for not responding to your post, but either I haven't seen it yet, or what you said was so devoid of substance that I found it utterly uninteresting."


reply to 88615298
said by 88615298:

Thew streaming never got a price increase. So I'm not sure what you were referring too.

True. Come to think of it, it was $8 for streaming and an additional $2 for DVD. So technically no, streaming was not changed. The only people really affected are those that pay for both streaming and DVD, with a $6 increase.

If I recall, a couple years ago it was just $8 for everything...That's probably what I was thinking.

I'M Here Till Thursday

Sudbury, MA
reply to steven s
said by steven s:

Streaming went from free to $8.

That's the problem! If they added streaming, and said "one free stream per month, additional are 50 cents per" that would have been a welcome add-on, use it, don't use it. Then as people used it more and more, offer to add unlimited streaming for $8. For people streaming every day, twice a day (i'm thinking families with multiple tvs) that would be a deal. They set it up as free, and then tried to price it at $8.
Me, I might have streamed 4 in the last year, so I just saved $2/mo going back to DVD only. I'm not upset at all. But, they missed the chance to make a few dollars by not offering me a pay per stream, for the kid, not me, I can wait for next DVD.