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West Tenness
reply to ksharp25

Re: Im actually ok with it

said by ksharp25:

My point is this. If Netflix is to survive as a streaming service, I need more than Japanese cartoons, tired old low rated TV series (for the most part), horrible weak-sauce B movies and documentaries no one cares about. I dont care if I have to wait 60 days etc like others, but get me relevant AAA content....still for only $8-10 a month. Or Im out. Period. Not paying $25-45 a month just to get what everyone wants and dreams for Netflix to be (which is the price the industry would love)

you're not getting newer movies for $8-$10 a month it isn't happening. That is fantasy talk. You want movies 60 days after DVD release and Netflix only charge $10 a month max. Well let's do math. $10 X 24 million X 12 months is $2.88 billion a year. That is not enough money to pay the studios to get movies 60 days after DVD release.

Hell Starz wanted $300 mil per year for their movies which are a year old at least AND they only wanted it to be for customers that had BOTH the streams and DVD package. Which meant streaming only customers like me would have been left out of the cold. Should Netflix have made this deal? I'm glad they didn't. As I said this is for movies that have been out a year or more. Imagine what 60 day old movies would cost.