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don't care

I only ever signed up for Netflix in order to get streaming. Sure, I tried blu-ray for an extra buck, but I still mostly kept discs for weeks/months at a time because I didn't care.

If they can ever get more content, it'd be nice. They've been at this for years, and still have a rather limited selection.

In comparison, Rhapsody and Spotify have a large swath of music available to stream. The comparison with Netflix and online movie selection is not worth making at this point.

There really is no sensible reason to keep perpetuating physical releases or DRM encumbered iTunes/Amazon/etc. purchases as the ONLY way to watch movies at home. I'm not counting "on demand" because that obviously has its place as well. More people would 'rent' (stream) more often, and there would be more profit in the long run. Hopefully someday, the studios, the producers, and the ISPs "get it."

For now, we're left with capped internet service that has NO reason to exist, fearful greedy studios, and a company (Netflix) that is trying to sell people something they want to pay for, but can only get a taste of.

Oh well, while they're spinning things off/restructuring, can somebody please tell them that their website is rather terrible