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This is a sub-selection from What about others

Jason Levine
reply to wings10

Re: What about others

They can only do so much against DVD rentals. Like it or not, companies don't need to get approval to rent DVDs. However, RedBox and Netflix made deals to get reduced DVD pricing (and more streaming selection in Netflix's case). If the studios said "You need to wait 2 years before you can rent a DVD", they would be laughed at.

With Netflix Streaming, however, studios get to approve just what is and isn't streamed. Netflix just can't toss all movies/TV shows on streaming. They need to ink deals to allow certain content to go online. If a deal falls apart (see: Starz), then previously streamed content would disappear. If the studios decide to only give Netflix garbage content and/or raise their price demands, then Netflix is going to have to wind up charging users a ton of money for poor content.

Before the split, Netflix had a hedge against the studios. After it, they've placed themselves right in the studios' hands. History says that, when in a position like that, the studios tend to squeeze as hard as possible.
-Jason Levine