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West Tenness
reply to spewak

Re: Netflix not so smart?

said by spewak:

said by jims2321:

The biggest reason I think Netflix is going to suffer is that their streaming side lacks current content. This alone will hurt their bottom line. Then the inability to stream if the user is a dvd subscriber. This really is going to impact their business.

To add:
I don't think that their streaming content will get better anytime soon. People will realize that $8 is a waste for the same old rehashed content.

Netflix was ready to give Starz $250 mil a year for a new deal. That $250 mil will buy a lot of content from someone else. And not all of Netflix content is old. Heck I just watched the Expendables and The Fighter on Netflix streaming and no it's wasn't Starz Play either. It was regular Netflix and in HD unlike Starz movies.