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Albany, GA
reply to 88615298

Re: Netflix betting on future Hollywood may not let them have

said by 88615298:

said by thedragonmas:

yeah, no discount, if i bundle video, internet, phone, thru my cable company, guess what? i get a discount. so instead of charging me $16 for dvd and streaming, how about, oh i dont know, $10 for 1 dvd and streaming, now thats a nice discount that would get me to keep both... oh, but wait.........

Excuse me but as I said show me where you renting 6, 8 or 10 DVDs a month for $2 is profitable for Netflix? Which part of this is too hard for you to get?

you pay $50 or more to your cable company for crap on TV which is mostly commericials. I bet if Netflix could get those 24 million to pay $30 a month you'd have a shitload of newer content on Netflix but people woud bitch about the price.

based on all of your posts netflix can do no wrong, even when pointed out your wrong on your facts. your welcome to that opinion. im just pointing out a fact as to WHY people "Went ape" over the so called "bundle" and i dont care if it was just $6, its still a 60% jump and frankly you can justify it all you want, it was uncalled for, and netflix treated their customers like crap over it, maybe, MAYBE if they didnt take the attitude they did no where near the same amount of people would have jumped. but they did, and no amount of "where sorry but oh wait no where not oh and heres what where doing to screw up now" is going to change it...

oh and as to your direct attack, not hard to get at all, what part of a 60% price hike, and no discount for bundling isnt going to get those customers back and no amount of amount of BS arguments by shills going to change my mind to that fact. do you not get?